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10 Reasons Why Your Business Need a Website

January 6, 2016


In today’s competitive world, running your own business smoothly is never an easy task, there are many ups and downs to go through and your to-do-list is certain to never end. This said, you should never use any excuse to take shortcuts when it comes to having a robust online presence and visibility. Keeping this in mind, consider these ten reasons why a professional website is important for your business.

10. First Impressions Matter

Let’s face it – today people Google before visiting any shop, visit online review before making any purchase. That’s why you should have the best first impression. Through your website, customers are passing judgment and make their decisions whether or not to take your services.

9. Keep up with the Competition

By failing to have a website, you may find yourself steadily losing business to competitors who have made effective use of a great web design. While you may doubt the validity of the need for a website the likelihood is that your competitors have embraced the potential and are making use of the round the clock advertising.

8. Tailoring to Customers 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Studies have shown that a many people conduct their research on potential products and services online before using it. By failing to have a website, you are failing to promote your services within a huge proportion of the market. There are several different time zones that may indeed affect your business, that’s why being online makes it time convenient for everyone.

7. Reach New Markets with a Global Audience

Being on the web, you aren’t that a simple local small business anymore, you can effectively business across the world. Undoubtedly, the Internet is the best way to trade both nationally and internationally.

6. Better Customer Service

By giving answers to customer’s queries on your website, information and sales requests can be processed instantly and automatically. Using contact form people can directly request a quote or any other information even at mid nights.

5. Present a Professional Image

For a small or new business, a well-designed website is the best way of instilling self-confidence and looking superior to you actually are.

4. Websites are Great, Affordable and Expandable Advertising

Whatever you’re promoting – products, services, or just yourself – a professionally designed Website is a great way to do it. Websites are like catalog/brochure that is easily produced, updated, interactive and quickly distributed to the people looking for them.

3. Collect Useful Information and Generate Valuable Leads

Through your website, you can use forms and surveys to collect information about your customers and prospects. This information can be further used to maintain a relationship with clientele.

2. Offer Quick Gratifications

We at iNFOTYKE believe that people have a hectic schedule and don’t like to wait for information. Through website businesses can give them what they want, and moreover when they want.

1. No Website = No Business

By now it’s very much clear that if you are not having a website, you’re indeed missing out on good possibilities for customers to know who you are and the services offered by you. This said, it’s better to have no website than to have a bad website. Though no website means missed opportunities, but a bad website can certainly be worse as it makes your business appear bad.

We at iNFOTYKE know what it takes to make a business successful, and thus help businesses to mark the entry into the new digital business world.

(Writer is CEO of iNFOTYKE | Originally Shared on iNFOTYKE Blog)


December 10, 2015

Rural India Business Startups

We are fortunate that our country is incredibly blessed with immense entrepreneurial talent. The Economic Censuses demonstrate the huge size and growth of entrepreneurial activity in India. The last decade has shown the dynamism that is possible in this sector under the right circumstances and with the proper policies. Having knowledge about SME, since I run my own business which I started a few years back, I can say that many of the leading corporate houses existing today belonged to the SME category at the turn of the century.

The infrastructure quality affects the growth prospects of SMEs to a great extent, especially in a developing country like ours, where 77% of the population constitutes the rural masses.

I guess it won’t be incorrect to say that numerous rural areas still suffer due to the pathetic state of basic infrastructure like transport, telecommunications and electricity. The integration of rural industries with mainstream industries is proving to be difficult for these reasons. This, in fact, has been identified as a key deterrent to the growth of SME clusters in rural areas.

Today, most SMEs in rural areas undertake manufacturing using old methods and outdated technology. But today, the competition is cut-throat, unlike in the past, when buyers were simply looked forward to purchasing the best products at the lowest prices. Times have certainly changed.

There are additional challenges to be met. The inundation of low-budget products from China has made it even more difficult for Indian manufacturers to compete solely on the price front.

So, my idea is to improve the current situation of SMEs in rural India which will catapult India’s position in the global market & increase employment opportunities.

– rishabh (iNFOTYKE)

Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you. ‪#‎Reminder‬

Character is how you treat.

November 30, 2015

A message to Aamir Khan.

November 26, 2015

I love my India

A message to Aamir Khan.

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November 12, 2015

There's no time for bullshit. When you're building an empire. 󾕓󾮗

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I need new haters. The old ones became my friends.

I need new haters

November 10, 2015

Mai Nawaab Yahan Kaa.. ‪‎Lucknow‬

November 10, 2015

Mai Nawaab Yahan Kaa.. #Lucknow

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The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s about what you’re made of, not the circumstances.

It’s about what you’re made of

November 9, 2015

गिरना भी अच्छा है, औकात का पता चलता है

October 11, 2015

गिरना भी अच्छा है , औकात का पता चलता है …. बढ़ते हैं जब हाथ उठाने को … अपनों का पता चलता है ! जिन्हें गुस्सा आता है…

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It’s not just about skills development or employment – Make In India

August 25, 2015